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Latest News

Telemed introducing new feature which transform
MicrUs EXT-1H into portable Doppler system.

Doppler modes enable clinicians to quickly exam blood flow in neck, abdomen, heart, upper and lower extremities.
Extensive PW calculations and measurement package is included.
Customers who want to upgrade their MicrUs scanners to Doppler mode are welcome to contact Telemed by e-mail info@pcultrasound.com or get in touch with local distributors to receive information.
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Thanks to their uncommon features ’Telemed’s ArtUs scanners are getting popular amongst educational institutions and research labs around the world. Being light and ease-of-use ArtUs scanners optionally can be equipped with special modules for direct receiving of raw RF data for subsequent processing, as well as control of the scanning sequence, synchronizing it with other external devices such as EMG, Biodex and Powerlab devices. A wide range of transducers including unique flat transducers is offered with the system. The equipment is supplied with free data management and visualization programs with the ability to record up to 60 minutes cine clips (note). ArtUs scanners are being used by more than 40 universities in North America, Europe and Australia.
Note. The duration of the recording depends on the amount of available memory.
Exhibition Schedule 2021

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