MicrUs scanner
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360 Degree

Hover your mouse over MicrUs EXT-1H image to see 360 degree view.

MicrUs is a new generation of a USB-powered pocket-size point of care ultrasound imaging system. It offers ultrasound screening in B, M, B + M, 4B, PW Doppler, PW Doppler + B (duplex) modes together with Speckle Reduction Processing, Trapezoid and Spatial compound imaging.
Various transducers can be connected and disconnected in second thanks to advanced probe recognition technology. MicrUs is a fanless device so it’s well suited for ultrasound-guided procedures. Personal ultrasound scanner can be fully controlled from a remote computer providing possibilities for telemedicine and educational purposes.
Software Development Kit available to scientific organisations and industry enables advanced manipulation with the ultrasound data and customization of the user interface.

MicUs is available in following modifications:
  • I/O module (optional), hardware modification, provides up to 2 trigger signals to/from external equipment through additional connectors
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MicrUs EXT-1H Kit includes:

  • MicrUs EXT-1H beamformer
  • ultrasound transducer (optional)
  • Mini-B to Type-A USB 2.0 cable
  • 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz power supply (EN60601-1)
  • software, assembly and set-up manual, operation manual (supplied on USB memory stick)
Detailed system specifications and comparison with other systems see here
MicrUs compatible transducers
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Frequency: 5-9 MHz
Radius: 10mm
Scan depth: 30-150 mm
transrectal, transvaginal

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Frequency: 5-10 MHz
Radius: 10mm
Scan depth: 30-150 mm
small parts, vascular, veterinary

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Frequency: 2-4 MHz
Radius: 20mm
Scan depth: 60-230 mm
abdominal, cardiac, veterinary

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Frequency: 4-8 MHz
Radius: 20mm
Scan depth: 30-150 mm
abdominal, pediatrics, cardiac, veterinary

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Frequency: 2-5 MHz
Radius: 60mm
Scan depth: 90-230 mm
abdominal, obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts

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Frequency: 6-15 MHz
Scan width: 25.6mm
Scan depth: 15-45 mm
obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts

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Frequency: 5-12 MHz
Scan width: 39.94mm
Scan depth: 20-70 mm
obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts

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Frequency: 5-12 MHz
Scan width: 38.4mm
Scan depth: 20-70 mm
obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts
temporarily unavailable

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Frequency: 4-8 MHz
Scan width: 64mm
Scan depth: 40-120 mm

Note. Listed transducers compatible with MicrUs EXT-1H, rev.C, D and E only. If you want to buy transducer for previous versions, please contact with us.
Ultrasound images
More MicrUs ultrasound video/images you can see here.