PanoView optional software
1) PanoView, what is it?

PanoView is a plug-in software module developed with the purpose to extend the clinical value of ultrasound systems.
PanoView plug-in concatenates several U/S images to a large panorama view and produces images with a large anatomic field-of-view. It is a very useful tool for musculoskeletal, endocrinological or breast imaging and other applications. Images obtained with this technique display e.g. both lobes of the thyroid gland on a single image providing thereby an accurate imaging representation of a variety of thyroid disorders. PanoView’s intuitivity, speed and ease of usage make it the method of choice for the documentation and monitoring (follow-up) of large superficial lesions, for example hematomas following arterial puncture. Panoramic views can be obtained in any desired plane and the relationship of the hematoma to the vascular structures can be documented. Wide field-of-view ultrasound scans are able to show full visualization of a breast abscess and relations between cysts and other masses. PanoView works with Echo Wave II software and Echo Blaster 64/128, LS64/128, SmartUs equipment.

2) How it works?

PanoView allows recording of image sequences in order to build a larger ultrasound overview image by combining (gluing) the series of single images. The user starts a patient study as usual, e.g. by optimizing the image using TGC, Gain, and other settings. Once the user wants to get panoramic scan of the interesting anatomy, he just pushes the PanoView button and move the transducer smoothly and continually with more or less constant speed along the desired direction. A progress bar shows the current state during acquisition. Recording can be stopped by pressing any button on keyboard or mouse/touchpad. Once the acquisition is completed, a panoramic image is automatically created and displayed immediately by processing of frame sequence.

3) Features

  • intuitive and easy to use;
  • no additional external devices (trackers etc.) are needed;
  • tracker-free scanning, no change of the familiar examination procedure;
  • panorama images possible also along curved lines, e.g. by following the path of a vessel;
  • length measurements with Ruler and Poly line tool;
  • contrast, brightness and gamma correction of the panoramic image;
  • colorizing of the image for better contrast resolution;
  • ultrasound frame window shows selected individual frame together with it’s position within the panoramic view;
  • patient data and resulting images (TIF or BMP format) can be stored into the integrated database, in a separate file or printed;
  • movie clips can be stored as an uncompressed AVI file for further processing or presentations
  • see screenshots of PanoView software plug-in below.
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