3DView optional software
1) 3DView, what is it?

3DView is a plug-in software module, specially developed to give you the opportunity to take advantage of innovative ways of visualizing conventional ultrasound examinations.
This module allowing generating a 3D-volumetric acquisition of the organ or pathology under examination. The software allows viewing coronal, sagittal and lateral scans as well as oblique cuts from the gathered volume. The diagnosis is more immediate and safe because the complete acquisition and visualization of the region under examination provides additional information to study: it is possible to review the data performing a “virtual sonography” also after the patient is gone. It is also invaluable for follow-up examinations since it allows reproducing a given slice from the older scan co-planar to the image of interest on the patient under current examination. The three-dimensional realistic imaging of anatomic structures can be achieved with standard transducer. The software meets the requirements of MDD 93/42/EEC for the acquisition and visualization of 3D ultrasound data in compliance with the latest requirements of medical diagnostics. 3DView works with Echo Wave II software and Echo Blaster 64/128, LS64/128, SmartUs equipment.

2) How 3DView works?

  • start patient study as usual, optimize the image quality by adjusting gain, gamma etc;
  • when a 3D-scan of the interesting anatomy is desired, just press the 3D-button on the Echo Wave II interface;
  • after initialization press the left mouse button or the footswitch to start the process of acquiring ultrasound frames;
  • move transducer parallel with constant speed;
  • after acquiring all desired ultrasound images, a special 3D orientation window will allow you to visualize a 3D-view e.g. of the baby face or the liver vessels together with three orthogonal section planes with their spatial orientation;
  • any desired 2D-slice along any interested direction can be adjusted, also along anatomically impossible views e.g. parallel on the body surface (virtual sonography);
  • you can easily manipulate the appearance of the 3D image using clipping and coloring functions or the 3D eraser tool
3) 3DView features

  • intuitively and easy to use;
  • no additional external devices (trackers etc.) are needed;
  • freehand scanning without tracker device;
  • multiple 3D image possibilities, e.g. transparency representation or surface imaging of the object of interest;
  • real-time rendering of 3D views;
  • create video animations by rotating the object along each desired space axis;
  • video sequences (animations) can be recorded, loaded and stored in the database or exported as AVI-file to an external storage medium;
  • wide choice of manipulation tools for 3D and orthogonal planes;
  • histogram window for displaying distribution of grey scales;
  • predefined and user-defined presets;
  • database for storing patient data and creating image collections;
  • direct printing on system printer
  • see screenshots of 3DView software plug-in below.
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