Since most traditional ultrasound scanners are closed systems, their possible use for research purposes is limited. Usually, in such systems, you cannot install custom software and hardware or control ultrasound with your custom software.

TELEMED manufactures ultrasound scanners (beamformers) that are connected to usual computers with Windows (8/10/11) operating system using a USB 2.0/3.0 port. This means that on the same computer, you can install not only the usual ultrasound software (like TELEMED "Echo Wave II") but also your custom software that can control both the ultrasound scanner and your custom hardware or other for experiments used equipment.

Below are listed basic features of TELEMED software and hardware that may be useful for scientific research in industry, medicine and other fields.
"Echo Wave II" Ultrasound Scanning Software
Although "Echo Wave II" software is mainly used for traditional ultrasound examinations in hospitals/clinics, it also has some features that can be used for research.

For example, if you need to scan many images, measure the same distance, area or other parameter on them, save this data and further process these measurements using other software, then you can save images/reports in XLSX (Excel) file and then use its "Data" sheet with measurement results.

From an external application, you can also invoke "Echo Wave II" freeze/run, save files, load file commands, and change patient information. These actions can be done by sending appropriate command strings using Windows WM_COPYDATA messages. For the list of supported WM_COPYDATA commands please check "Echo Wave II" User Manual section "Software control using command line".

If for some applications you need to save recorded ultrasound cine to separate frames, you can do this by simply selecting "PNG multiple images" (or BMP, JPG) file format in "Echo Wave II" "Cine Save As" dialog.

For some advanced research, one beamformer may be not enough. In such cases to the same computer you can connect two beamformers with identical probes and ecord using both beamformers at the same time, but, for example, at different scanning planes. Such recoding requires starting two "Echo Wave II" instances and configuring them appropriately. Please request "Echo Wave II Advanced Configuration Manual" if you want to use two beamformers and software in such a scenario. In order to freeze/run ultrasound in both beamformers, you can use either on-probe freeze button feature (if the beamformer supports it) or LB-2 ultrasound keyboard.

For more advanced research you may want to write your custom ultrasound scanning software and do not rely on "Echo Wave II". In such cases you can request Usgfw2 Software Development Kit (SDK).
"Ultrasonography for Windows II" Software Development Kit (SDK)
If in your research you need more control over ultrasound, want to access not only ultrasound frames but also scan-lines of each frame, or just want to write your custom ultrasound scanning software, then you can use Usgfw2 SDK. It is distributed for free after signing the NDA agreement.

The SDK contains a sample code that demonstrates how to access ultrasound data and control ultrasound scanner in different scanning modes. For high-level programming can be used C#, VB, Delphi, C++ or other programming language that supports COM. Access to low level ultrasound data is required knowledge of C++, COM and DirectShow.
Ultrasound Keyboard and its SDK
"Echo Wave II" can be controlled not only using a computer mouse or keyboard, but also using a traditional ultrasound keyboard LB-2.

If ultrasound scanning is performed using two beamformers and two instances of "Echo Wave II", then LB-2 can be used to run/freeze ultrasound simultaneously (if are used identical probes, software configurations and powerful CPU) in both software instances.

If you want to use LB-2 keyboard to control your custom software that does ultrasound scanning and controls other equipment, you can request Ultrasound Keyboard SDK.