MATLAB access to Echo Wave II, capture of the ultrasound data
If in custom software or MATLAB script you want to access ultrasound cine frames and their times (e.g., for doing tendon motion analysis or testing your own free-hand 3D), you can do this using "Echo Wave II" automation programming interface.

MATLAB script to get frames and their times from opened file looks like this (for comments please check "Echo Wave II" installation subfolder "...\Config\Plugins\"):

asm_path = '...\Config\Plugins\autoint1client.dll'; % "..." must be replaced with full path
asm = NET.addAssembly(asm_path);
cmd = AutoInt1Client.CmdInt1();
ret = cmd.ConnectToRunningProgram(); % connect to running "Echo Wave II"
cmd.OpenFile('C:\Echo Images\test1.tvd'); % open file
frm_count = cmd.GetFramesCount(); % get the number of frames
for i1=1:frm_count
cmd.GoToFrame1n(i1, true); % go to frame
t = cmd.GetCurrentFrameTime(); % get frame time
fprintf(1, 'Frame %d of %d. Time = %f ms.\n', i1, frm_count, t);
img = uint8(cmd.GetLoadedFrameRGB()); % get frame image in RGB format
figure; imshow(img, 'Border', 'tight', 'InitialMagnification', 100); % show image

Works with all Telemed scanners.
Stacks Image 31