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Exhibition Schedule 2024
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  • February 28-March 2, ECR 2024, booth 422 / Hall X4 (Vienna, Austria)
  • March 14-17, KIMES 2024, booth DL104 (Seoul, Korea)
  • November 11-14, Medica 2024, booth D58 / Hall 9 (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • December 1-4, RSNA 2024, South Hall (Chicago, USA)
  • July 28-31, ISB 2025 (Stockholm, Sweden)
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Latest News
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TELEMED continues to support the needs of the scientific community by releasing new functionality portable research ultrasound system ArtUs USS-2H. The device now provides channel and beamformed RF data:

With the new research ultrasound system you can:
  • Program custom transmit delay values for individual channels and apertures, allowing for fully custom transmit focusing in terms of delays.
  • Choose active channels from the 64 available (trade-off between frame rate and image quality).
  • Program custom excitation pulses (Tri-state pulser: +A, 0, -A).
  • Select arbitrary beams to scan (create a custom sequence of working apertures).
  • Adjust analog front-end and analog depth-dependent received echoes amplification parameters.
  • Access channel data-related parameters through the latest SDK
See more details here.
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Telemed Introducing the new Compact yet Powerful Color Doppler Ultrasound Beamformer:

We are happy to introduce our latest development: ultrasound beamformer ArtUs COEM-1H. This OEM component provides the functionality and features of our full-size ArtUs scanners in a significantly more compact volume. ArtUs COEM-1H was developed to be a valuable upgrade for those partners who already use our MicrUs beamformer and intended to fill the gap between B/W-only MicrUs and high-performance fully-equipped ArtUs beamformers.

Imaging Capabilities:
B, M, Compound imaging, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Color, Power and Pulse Wave Doppler, including simultaneous B, Color and PW (triplex).

ArtUs COEM-1H not only accommodates transducers used with the popular MicrUs range and also offers higher performance 128-channel transduces for abdominal, musculoskeletal, superficial, OB/GYN and cardiac applications.

ArtUs COEM-1H beamformer is USB-C compatible, offering effortless connectivity to a wide range of devices supporting such an interface. Running on the Microsoft Windows platform, it ensures compatibility and reliability for healthcare facilities worldwide.
With its compact size of 10x10 cm, the ArtUs COEM-1H beamformer is aligned with the dimensions of the MicrUs beamformer, ensuring seamless integration into existing medical setups.

Future-Ready Options:
ArtUs COEM-1H will offer optional upgrades for real-time RF data access, synchronization with external equipment through an I/O module and also elastography feature, which is a rare find for the devices of such class. These options pave the way for broad use of the device not only in diagnostic.
Check our website for more information.
Telemed is excited to announce the release of the new TELEMED Drivers Package, Echo Wave II GUI and Windows SDK:

  • iContrast image improvement processing for ArtUs ultrasound scanner
  • improved color Doppler filters
  • improved Speckle Reduction processing
  • Strain Elastography mode for ArtUs ultrasound scanner (for research purposes, option)
  • various fixes and improvements
New software is already available.
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ArtUs RF Data Control implemented in Python, MATLAB and LabVIEW.

The next step in the improvement of the tools for developers who require access to ultrasound RF data in real time - a new upgrade of the dynamic link library for the ArtUs scanner is available!
The new version allows not only real-time ultrasound image data acquisition but also the acquisition of RF data as well. The majority of ultrasound scanning parameters control is implemented and could be programmed for new applications.
  • Receive real-time ultrasound images + RF data in a platform convenient to you (MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW, or others capable to calling C++ DLL library linked to TELEMED SDK)
  • Sample programs with the possibility to receive and record RF data for MATLAB, Python, and LabVIEW are provided
  • Our tools and ultrasound scanners are used by the scientific community in various research fields.
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