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    ClarUs EXT-1M

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    ClarUs EXT-1M

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    ClarUs EXT-1M

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    ClarUs EXT-1M

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    ClarUs EXT-1M

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    ClarUs EXT-1M

ClarUs scanner


The ClarUs EXT-1M ultrasound system offers system flexibility and easy of use making it an excellent choice for any practice wanting a high quality color Doppler imaging system.
The system supports a wide range of linear, convex and microconvex transducers providing a platform that is versatile and offers great expansion potential as your practice needs grow.
The ClarUs EXT-1M provides uncompromising quality imaging along with precision measurement, storage, recall and convenient communication capability. Variable frequency and focusing, an extended cine memory and the ability to output your data in a variety of formats makes the ClarUs EXT-1M a powerful addition to any modern practice.
ClarUs EXT-1M ultrasound system
ClarUs EXT-1M Kit includes:

  • ClarUs EXT-1M beamformer
  • ultrasound transducer
  • USB cable
  • 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz power supply (EN60601-1)
  • AC power cable
  • software, assembly and set-up manual, operation manual (on USB memory)


  • Imaging Modes

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    • B
    • B+B
    • 4B
    • B+M
    • M
    • B-steer (note)
    • Compound + Trapezoid (note)
    • Color Doppler (CFM)
    • Power Doppler (PDI)
    • Directional Power Doppler (DPDI)
    • Pulsed Wave Doppler (PWD)
    • B+PWD (Duplex)
    • B+CFM/PDI/DPDI+PWD (Triplex)
    • High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF)
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), works with 3.5 MHz central frequency transducers
    Note. 40mm and less linear probes only.
  • Ultrasound Imaging

    Open or Close
    • ultrasound image size: automatically adjustable to screen resolution
    • gray scale: 256
    • color scale: 256
    • full motion and full size real-time ultrasound imaging, up to 120 fps (depends on selected scan depth, scan angle, focus mode, High Line Density setting, computer speed)
    • cineloop recording/play: several thousands frames (depends on computer memory size and scan mode)
    • zoom mode: from 60% to 600% in all modes (Scan, Freeze, B, B+B, 4B, Doppler modes, M-zoom, cineloop and etc)
    • viewing area variable for frame rate maximizing: 6 steps
    • thumbnail mode: up to 32 images
    • "Freeze" mode
    • "Auto Freeze" mode
  • Scanning Methods

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    • electronic linear
    • electronic convex
    • electronic microconvex
    • scanning depth: 2-30 cm
  • Transducers

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    • from 2,0 MHz to 14,0 MHz
    • multifrequency
    • automatic transducer recognition
    • number of ports: 1
  • Color Doppler

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    • PRF variable: 0.5-10 kHz
    • wall filter settings: 3 steps (5%, 10%, 15% PRF)
    • gain control: 50 dB
    • angle steering for linear transducers: ±10°
    • real-time spatial filter: 4 values
    • CFM palette: 10 maps
    • PDI palette: 12 maps
    • B/Color priority control
    • color threshold control
    • CFM baseline control
    • Doppler frequency selection: 2 frequencies / each transducer
    • color frame averaging: 8 values
    • Transparent Color Mapping (TCM): 10 values
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler

    Open or Close
    • PRF variable: 1-15 kHz
    • wall filter settings: 16 steps (2.5-20% PRF)
    • gain control: 50 dB
    • angle steering for linear transducers: ±10°
    • real-time trace line with automatic calculation of spectrum parameters
    • stereo sound: volume control
    • PWD palette: 12 maps
    • Doppler frequency selection: 2 frequencies / each transducer
  • Focusing

    Open or Close
    • transmit: variable, 8 zones
    • receive: dynamic, 8 zones
  • Automatic Image Optimization

    Open or Close
    • single click auto adjustment:
    • B-image: gain, dynamic range, TGC sliders
    • Color Doppler: CFM/PDI/DPDI gain
    • Pulsed Waved Doppler: baseline, invert, PRF
  • Processings

    Open or Close
    • High Line Density scan mode for better resolution
    • TGC Control, 5-10 sliders (customizable) 40 dB
    • dynamic range: 120 dB, 8 values
    • overall gain control
    • M - mode sweep speed control
    • acoustic power control
    • variable frame averaging
    • brightness, contrast
    • advanced gamma control: 8 fixed curves, 8 user defined (custom)
    • scan direction, rotation, up-down controls
    • negative / positive control
    • bi-linear interpolation
    • echo enhancement control
    • noise rejection function
    • speckle reduction and structure improvement PureView, NeatView, QuickView: 8 algorithms each

    Open or Close
    • Verification SCU
    • Modality Worklist (MWL) SCU
    • Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) SCU
    • Store SCU (images, cines)
    • Print SCU (grayscale, color)
    For more information see Echo Wave II Software DICOM Conformance Statement
  • Functions

    Open or Close
    • mouse / trackball / keyboard operation
    • image and video save / load:
    • AVI
    • JPG
    • BMP
    • PNG
    • TIF
    • XLSX
    • DCM (DICOM uncompressed)
    • TPD (Telemed Picture Data)
    • TVD (Telemed Video Data)
    • unlimited programmable presets for clinically specific imaging
    • anatomical icons with transducer position indicator
    • direct e-mail sending with image or video attachment via Internet
    • DICOM file push to server
    • printing on system printer
    • TV output via computer display adapter
    • multi-monitor support
    • full screen and window mode
    • LB-2 keyboard (optional) support
  • Interface Customization

    Open or Close
    • the set of predefined skin schemes for software interface
    • the set of predefined buttons images
    • multilanguage support, languages:
    • Chinese
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Korean
    • Lithuanian
    • Magyar
    • Polish
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • B+M, B+PW layout position, size
    • ultrasound area size
    • font size
  • General Measurements and Calculations

    Open or Close
    • B and Color Doppler mode general measurements and calculations
    • Distance
    • Length (method: 1 trace)
    • Area, Circumference (methods: 1 ellipse, 1 trace, 1 distance)
    • Volume (methods: 1 distance, 2 distances, 3 distances, 1 ellipse)
    • Angle (methods: 2 distances, 3 distances)
    • Stenosis % (methods: 2 distances, 2 ellipse or trace areas)
    • A/B Ratio (methods: 2 distances, 2 ellipse or trace areas, 2 ellipse or trace circumferences)
    • M mode general measurements and calculations
    • Distance, Time, Velocity
    • Heart Rate (methods: 1 beat, 2 beats)
    • Stenosis % (method: 2 distances)
    • A/B Ratio (methods: 2 distances, 2 times, 2 velocities)
    • PW mode general measurements and calculations
    • One-point PW measurements and calculations:
    • Velocity
    • Pressure Gradient (PG)
    • Two-points PW measurements and calculations:
    • Velocities difference
    • Pressure Gradients (PG) difference
    • Time interval
    • Acceleration
    • Resistivity Index (RI)
    • Heart Rate (methods: 1 beat, 2 beats)
    • Velocity minimum and maximum
    • Pressure Gradient (PG) minimum and maximum
    • Trace-based PW measurements and calculations:
    • Trace Time
    • Trace Velocity min, max, mean
    • Trace Pressure Gradient (PG) min, max, mean
    • Velocity Time Integral (VTI)
    • Pulsatility Index (PI)
    • A/B Ratios of one-point PW measurements:
    • Velocities A/B Ratio
    • Pressure Gradients (PG) A/B Ratio
    • A/B Ratios of two-point PW measurements:
    • Velocity differences A/B Ratio
    • Pressure Gradient (PG) differences A/B Ratio
    • Time differences A/B Ratio
    • Accelerations A/B Ratio
    • Resistivity Indexes A/B Ratio
    • A/B Ratios of trace-based PW measurements:
    • Velocity means A/B Ratio
    • Pressure Gradient (PG) means A/B Ratio
    • Pulsatility Indexes A/B Ratio
    • Velocity Time Integrals A/B Ratio
  • PW mode Human Cardiology measurements and calculations

    Open or Close
    • Left Ventricle: LVOT Diam, LVOT VTI, LVOT Vmax, SV (Stroke Volume), SI (Stroke Volume Index), CO (Cardiac Output), CI (Cardiac Index), dP:dt (Delta Pressure : Delta Time), MPI (Left Ventricle Myocardial Performance Index)
    • Mitral Valve: MVA(PHT) (Mitral Valve Area using Pressure Half Time), MVA using Continuity Equation (LVOT Diam, MV VTI; LVOT Diam, MV Vmax), dP:dt, E/A ratio
    • Aortic Valve: AVA (Aortic Valve Area) using Continuity Equation (LVOT Diam, AV VTI; LVOT Diam, AV Vmax), AVI (Aortic Valve Index), DPI (Dimensionless Performance Index), AV PHT (Aortic Valve Pressure Half Time)
    • Right Ventricle: RVOT Diam, RVOT VTI, RVOT Vmax, dP:dt, RV MPI (Right Ventricle Myocardial Performance Index), MPAP (Mean Pulmonary Artery Pressure)
    • Tricuspid Valve: TVA (Tricuspid Valve Area) using Continuity Equation (RVOT Diam, TV VTI; RVOT Diam, TV Vmax); TV E/A ratio, TV PHT
    • Pulmonic Valve: PVA (Pulmonic Valve Area) using Continuity Equation (RVOT Diam, PV VTI; RVOT Diam, PV Vmax), PVI (Pulmonic Valve Index), DPI (Dimensionless Performance Index), PV PHT (Pulmonic Valve Pressure Half Time)
    • Pulmonary Vein; Hepatic Vein
    • Shunts: Qp:Qs (Pulmonary-Systemic Flow Ratio)
  • Human Measurements and Calculations Packages

    Open or Close
    • Human General
    • Measurements: the same as general measurements of different modes (B, M, PW)
    • Calculations: BSA via Height and Weight, BSA via Weight
    • PW mode calculations: HR, SV using Flow Area, SV using Flow Diameter, SI, CO, CI, Area calculation using Continuity Equation (methods: Area and VTI, Area and Velocity, Diameter and VTI, Diameter and Velocity, Velocity Ratio (S/D, D/S), dP:dt, Flow Volume (methods: Diameter, Area), PHT, MVA
    • Human Musculoskeletal
    • Hip Angles (α, β), Femoral Head Coverage (FHC)
    • Human Obstetrics / Gynecology (OB / GYN)
    • Measurements: LMP (entered or from calendar), AC, BPD, FL, HC, FTA, AAPD, ATD, TAPD, TTD, CRL, GS, HL, TL, UL, OFD, BOD, Cereb, Clav, Rad, AFI, FHR, NT
    • Doppler mode measurements: Umbilical Artery (UA): RI, PI, PSV, EDV; Middle Cerebral Artery (MCA): RI, PI, PSV; Ductus Arteriosus (DA): Diam, PSV; Main Pulmonary Artery (MPA): Diam, PSV; Uterine Artery (UtA): RI, PI
    • Doppler mode calculations: Umbilical Artery (UA): PSV/EDV; CPR
    • Estimated date of birth (EDD) calculations: EDD(LMP), EDD(GA), EDD(AUA)
    • Ratios: FL / AC, FL / HC, FL / BPD, HC / AC, CI
    • Selected EFW values are used for calculation of Average EFW
    • Gestational Age (GA) calculations: GA(AC), GA(BPD), GA(CRL), GA(FL), GA(GS), GA(HC), GA(HL), GA(OFD), GA(TL), GA(UL), GA(HC/AC), GA(FTA),GA(ATD), GA(TAPD), GA(TTD), GA(BOD), GA(Cereb), GA(Clav)
    • Fetal Growth estimation (trending): AC(GA), BPD(GA), CRL(GA), FL(GA), GS(GA), HC(GA), HL(GA), OFD(GA), TL(GA), UL(GA), [FL/AC](GA), [FL/HC](GA), [HC/AC](GA), EFW(GA), AAPD(GA), ATD(GA), TAPD(GA), TTD(GA), BOD(GA), Cereb(GA), Rad(GA), Clav(GA), AFI(GA), FHR(GA), NT(CRL)
    • Doppler mode Fetal Growth estimation (trending): UA_RI(GA), UA_PI(GA), UA_RATIO_S_D(GA), MCA_RI(GA), MCA_PI(GA), MCA_PSV(GA), CPR(GA), DA_DIAM(GA), DA_PSV(GA), MPA_DIAM(GA), MPA_PSV(GA), UTA_RI(GA), UTA_PI(GA)
    • Selected Growth Tables are visualized as Fetal Growth Curves
    • Software supports unlimited number of user-defined Growth Tables
    • Human Gynecology (GYN)
    • Measurements: length, height, width of uterus, cervix, ovaries, renals, follicles
    • Calculations: volumes of uterus, cervix, ovaries, renals, follicles
    • Human Abdominal
    • Liver: Volume (CC, AP, LL diameters)
    • Gallbladder: Volume, Wall Thickness, Extrahepatic Bile Duct (EBD), Common Bile Duct (CBD), Common Hepatic Duct (CHD)
    • Pancreas: Head Diameter, Body Diameter, Tail Diameter, Pancreatic Duct Head, Pancreatic Duct Body
    • Spleen: Volume (length, width, thickness)
    • Gastrointestinal Tract: Appendix Wall Thickness, Appendix Diameter, Bowel Wall Thickness (at Stomach, Small Bowel, Large Bowel)
    • Urinary Bladder: Volume (length, height, width)
    • Right / Left Kidney: Volume (length, height, width), Pelvis Diameter
    • Human Urology
    • Measurements: length, height, width of kidneys, bladder, prostate, testes
    • Calculations: volumes of kidneys, bladder, prostate, testes; RUV (Residual Urine Volume); PSAD (PSA Density)
    • Human Endocrinology
    • Measurements: length, width, thickness of thyroid lobes
    • Calculations: volumes thyroid lobes; volume of thyroid
    • Human Vascular
    • Distance and area -based stenosis calculations at left (right) Subclavian, CCA (Common Carotid Artery), Bulb, ICA (Internal Carotid Artery), ECA (External Carotid Artery), Vertebral vessels at proximal, middle, distal locations
    • PSV/EDV (Peak Systole Velocity / End Diastole Velocity) ratios for each vessel and location
    • Ratios of velocities ICA PSV/CCA PSV, ICA EDV/CCA EDV, ICA PSV/CCA EDV, ECA PSV/CCA PSV, ECA EDV/CCA EDV, ECA PSV/CCA EDV at Rt. (Lt.) Prox. (Mid., Dist.) locations
    • Human Cardiology
    • Software supports the following measurements of Left Ventricle, Aortic Valve, Left Atrial: IVSd (Interventricular Septal Thickness, diastole), LVIDd (Left Ventricle Internal Diameter, diastole), LVPWd (Left Ventricle Posterior Wall Thickness, diastole), AOd (Aortic Root Dimension, diastole), IVSs (Interventricular Septal Thickness, systole), LVIDs (Left Ventricle Internal Diameter, systole), LVPWs (Left Ventricle Posterior Wall Thickness, systole), LADs (Left Atrial Dimension, systole).
    • Calculations: HR (Heart Rate), BSA (Body surface Area), Left ventricle volume (methods: Cubed, Teichholz, Gibson, Simpson's LVAM-LVAP, Simpson's single plane, Simpson's biplane, Bullet, Ellipsoid single plane, Ellipsoid biplane), SV (Stroke Volume), SI (Stroke Volume Index), EF (Ejection Fraction), CO (Cardiac Output), CI (Cardiac Index), STIVS (Interventricular Shortening), FS (Fractional Shortening), STPW (Posterior Wall Shortening), LVM (Left Ventricle Cardiac Mass), CMI (Cardiac Mass Index), LA/AO Ratio

    Human/Veterinary OB / Gyn packages: software supports unlimited number of user-defined GA tables, selected GA values are used for calculation of Average GA (Average Ultrasound Age - AUA).
    Human/Veterinary Cardiology measurements package automatically displays hint images that show where and how appropriate measurements must be performed.
  • Veterinary Calculations Packages

    Open or Close
    • Canine OB
    • Measurements: GS, CRL, HD, BD
    • Gestational Age (GA) calculations: GA(BD), GA(CRL), GA(GS), GA(HD)
    • Feline OB
    • Measurements: HD, BD
    • Gestational Age (GA) calculations: GA(BD), GA(HD)
    • Ovine OB
    • Measurements: CRL
    • Gestational Age (GA) calculations: GA(CRL)
    • Bovine OB
    • Measurements: BD, CRL, HD, UD
    • Gestational Age (GA) calculations: GA(BD), GA(CRL), GA(HD), GA(UD)
    • Equine OB
    • Measurements: AOD, BPD, CRL, EOD, GS
    • Gestational Age (GA) calculations: GA(AOD), GA(BPD), GA(CRL), GA(EOD), GA(GS)
    • Llama OB
    • Measurements: BPD
    • Gestational Age (GA) calculations: GA(BPD)
    • Goat OB
    • Measurements: BPD
    • Gestational Age (GA) calculations: GA(BPD) for different species
    • Animal Cardiology
    • Left Ventricle, Aortic Valve, Left Atrial measurements: IVSd, LVIDd, LVPWd, AOd, IVSs, LVIDs, LVPWs, LADs, ET
    • Calculations: HR, LV volume (Cubed, Teichholz, Gibson), SV, EF, CO, STIVS, FS, STPW, LA/AO, VCF
  • Power

    Open or Close
    • integrated power supply, 100~240V AC, 50~60 Hz
    • battery powered:
    • battery type: Li-Ion technology
    • battery life: 90 min (actual battery life will vary depending on scan mode)
    • battery charging time: 2 hours
    ClarUs EXT-1M:
    • external power supply, 100~240V AC, 50~60 Hz
  • Dimensions, Weight

    Open or Close
    • dimensions W x D x H, mm:
    • ClarUs EXT-1M: 46 x 202 x 165
    • weight, kg:
    • ClarUs EXT-1M, 1.4
  • Ultrasound software

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  • Recommended Computer Requirements

    Open or Close
    • Windows® based Desktop/Notebook/Tablet PC
    • Screen 1024x768 or more, IPS or PLS technology
    • CPU i3/i5/i7 1.8 GHz or faster
    • 2 Gb of RAM or more
    • USB 2.0 interface
    • Windows® XP SP3, Windows® Vista SP2, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10 (all versions 32/64-bit)


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abdominal, obstetrics, paediatrics, small parts

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